Unity and the Path of Life

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Our desire or aspiration toward unity is fundamental, loneliness being the sense that we are as yet far short of that goal. I think in terms of different levels, dimensions, or degrees of unity. We naturally seek a unity in outward things and persons because these mirror the more fundamental spiritual longing for unity, and in a sense these outward things and persons are steps toward the more transcendent, subtle, and fundamental “belonging” that is their archetype.

If we are aware and focused only on the external forms of unity, then we are caught up in the constant flux of that, so our gains and losses leave us always unstable and never fully satisfied. But if we also have more of the deeper sense of unity and belonging–that which arises from the spiritual side of our nature, then it gives a stability and peace that can’t be found in the external forms alone. And the more we feel ourselves grounded in that deeper sense, the more we can live wisely and live joyously live the external life.


Questions on the Essence and Methods of Meditation

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QUESTIONS:  “As a tip for a beginner, how do you approach meditation? What is your goal? What do you gain from it?”


I approach meditation without a desire to get anything out of it.

I find that it is best to think of one’s self as a channel, a receiver of gifts that are then to be passed along.

Meditation can be different things depending on the approach used.  It can be about thought, about love, but fundamentally it leads beyond the mind.

Objectively, the tools are images/visualizations, words (affirmations), and forgetfulness of the physical body.  A few deep breaths and total relaxation are good, but–in general—strenuous breathing exercise are to be avoided.

The fundamental power of affirmation is in the expression as “I am X” where X is God, spirit, life, humanity, beauty, love, spiritual power, order, harmony, etc.  This corresponds to the fact and realization of unity.  Meditation is movement toward consciousness unity.

The gains or effects of mediation vary depending on the type and depth of it, but they include:

*  direct realization of spiritual reality

*  knowledge of one’s purpose in life and of the meaning of life (nonverbally apprehended)

*  detachment and disidentification from the things that formerly bound us

*  realization that there are “More things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of…”

*  sensing of deeper energies on some level, including energize in the body itself

*  relationships with the sources–individual and/or groups–from which great spiritual teachings come

*  consciousness of immortality

*  greater mental clarity and self control

*  the realization of the profound significance of the life of service to humanity

A Reflection on Acceptance, Rejection, and the Wisdom of Human Decisions


Degrees of Truth

It is a widespread mistake to think, view, and react to people as if they are either all bad or all good, angel or demons. This is not how the world is built. Everywhere in nature and in human nature we find many degrees of characteristics, countless shades of gray, numerous degrees of light and shadow. People are mixtures of true and half-true, of half-true and 22% true, blends of partly good and partly not.

And so I announce a revelation, a scientific truth: the reality of RELATIVITY. Various degrees of good are in the mind, in the emotions, and in the of illumination of the soul. Everywhere are degrees of love and degrees of righteous, degrees of truth, characters of many qualities and shades.

The bane of right thinking is the foolish binary rooted in the lower emotions; it drowns the mind. The lower emotions can not see the good in the people it has named bad, nor can it see the bad in the people it has named good. What is this folly of radical and uncompromising idealism that leads us to react as if people are black and white, as if they are always angel or demons, friends or enemies. I suggests that outright angels and demons are exceedingly rare, and rare is the entity deserving such a radical name. But the prejudice for angels or demons is exceedingly common. The lower human emotion sees the world in black and white, and sees armies of angels and demons. We make our heroes the angels and we people the world with demons who oppose them. But this opposition is within ourselves, within our limitations and our unthinking emotional reactive natures.

I offer a cure and a step toward sanity. Instead of emotional reactiveness and knee jerk reactions, there is another way. It is right thought and the clarification of perception that follows it. It comes with the help of the new scientific revelation: RELATIVITY. The lower emotions are unable to comprehend and apply relativity. The mind however understands relativity, lives by it, and thinks in degrees and not in simplistic binary of good and bad, of blacks and whites. Let our lower emotions be still. In this stillness the mind can function. Then we being to see the amazing continuum that is life and people; then we begin to think.