Someone asked, “What is the danger of cognitive abstraction?”

The danger is that one can get lost in abstractions so as to loose touch with objective realities. We can also build non-existent castles in the air and we can easily confuse a knowledge of words with a knowledge of the things the words point to. This theme is the subject of the video below:

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Someone asks, “Is the formless mind, Brahman and soul the same?”


They are related but are not the same. It is formlessness that they have in common since all these terms point to things beyond the form. But Brahman in the highest use is divinity, the ultimate and all inclusive. Soul, in the sense of human soul, is ultimately bound up with that but—in time and space—has a much more limited meaning. This is another way of saying that the human soul has an individuality in time and space, a certain distance—really a vast distance—from Deity. At the same time, in a deep mystical sense, Deity and soul are a unity and all life is a unity. Still, “man” in time and space is way down on the cosmic scale of things which is why, when most look to the heavens, they do not see themselves.

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Someone asks, “If there is no such thing as evil, then why does karma exist?”


I think the premise that there is no such thing as evil is incorrect. Evil exists but it is not well defined by religions. Let’s be practical, evil is simply extreme selfishness, extreme materialism, and a willingness to harm others if it satisfies your personal desires and ambitions. Darth Vader, the modern mythological representative of “the dark side of the force” exemplifies this. Many of those in positions of power in governments also demonstrate this same evil.

Karma exists for educational purposes. Bad karma is the reward of those who express extreme selfishness, extreme materialism, and a willingness to harm others if it satisfies their personal desires and ambitions.


Someone asks, “What is the mind of God in this universe?”

Does it not seem that we do not know what God is, or what the universe is, or even what mind is? How then shall we dare to dream the true nature of these into our benighted brain. Ah well, what can we do but try the impossible.

“Behind the orient darkness of thine eyes,
The eyes of God interrogate my soul.” The Book of Love, By Elsa Barker

I imagine more love than mind, else a mind so fine as to be in unbounded radiance with love. Oh, but I have projected my dreams on God. Well, and truly why not, as in that, the universe arranged it so. I do dream, in the dark night of time, but also in the timeless. Between God and I are depths of uncharted space, and suns and universes born and unborn, or between us is nothing at all and I see mostly clearly.

God in the universe is gravity, is light, is the face of a child, is dark and mystery. Oh the fine beautiful spin of mind is beyond calculation, but I think my mind and yours sings the faint distant note of the cosmic thought. So life of the universe is in your eyes and through the form of things. The electric brain is fraught to find the meaning until the day dawns when dream is made real, when the light of brain is equal to the light of suns. I await the day, but not only, for I also live in that day, in the timeless space between small thoughts and mysteries veiled in shining of stars.


Some asked, “What is the contribution of spirituality to one’s life?”

Each thought or question has a higher correspondence. In this case, the question is, “What is the contribution of spirituality to life?” “One’s life” is included in that but by placing the emphasis on life as a whole, a true perspective is achieved. Spirituality brings to life the energies of love, wisdom, intelligence, harmony, right direction, and order. A spiritual life means that you become increasingly a vehicle for these and that is your contribution to life.

“Seek not your own life – for that is death; but seek how you can best and most joyfully give yourself away – and every morning forever fresh life shall come to you from over the hills.” Edward Carpenter

“Joy can be real only if people look upon their life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.” Leo Tolstoy

“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know; the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Albert Schweitzer

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Someone asked, “What is your argument in favor or against Eckhart Tolle’s teaching: ‘You Are Not Your Mind’? How am I not my mind?”

For one thing, there is the obvious, namely that when you do not think, you still ARE. In the pauses between thoughts your identity does not disappear.

And notice that you can step back and look down at your thoughts, you can watch them flow by. Ask yourself, “Who is this watcher?”

The Mirror

“Have you ever beheld in surprise A self looking out of your eyes Gazing back from the mirror at you -A stranger majestic and wise…

A mystery, burning, immense, Flashing suddenly into your new, Astounding, intense As lightening out of the blue?

Have you seen how the stranger withdrew To the depths of your wondering stare, While you, when your longing would dare, Made questioning: “Who are you?” Marveling half in fear, “Who is the stranger here?” Why have we never met before At the eyes mysterious door?”

Angela Morgan

For another, a basic realization that comes from deep meditation and spiritual experience is the direct realization that we are not body, emotions, or mind but we are, in fact, that which lies back of these and expressed through them.

“Don’t be so loyal to your mind; the mind is not loyal to You.”
― Bert McCoy

“Only once in a while you become aware of your intrinsic nature, with sudden bursts of empty spaces, without any effort on your part, you come home, rejoice every breath so deep and so soothing, you relax, unfocused, you skip into timelessness. This is the greatest mystery, the greatest gift of existence, without any identification to your senses, no clutches of your old patterns of mind. Few Glimpses of Heaven on the earth! I have experienced, have you?”
―Ramana Pemmaraju

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Someone asked, “From a spiritual perspective, what is the ‘universe’?”

H. P. Blavatsky, translating the Ageless Wisdom, stated that matter is spirit on the lowest plane of manifestation and spirit is matter on the highest. In other word there is a continuum of one thing which is spirit-matter, and matter is the external expression or crystallization (and limitation) of spirit. The universe we know is part of an infinite chain of manifestations that cycle in and out over time. And in the deepest sense that spirit is us, our identity.

“And within me, deep and deep, Universes wake and sleep.”

(Kenneth Morris)

“The little space within the heart is as great as this vast universe. The heavens and the earth are there, and the sun, and the moon, and the stars; fire and lightning and winds are there; and all that now is and all that is not: for the whole universe is in Him and He dwells within our heart.”


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