Someone asked, “Why don’t we believe that the Earth is heaven?”

Most people have a kind of cleavage in their minds/emotions, a strict dualism that thinks of heaven as a separate thing—a vague spiritual something “up there” somewhere. whereas Earth is an entirely separate physical thing “down here.”

There is a new way of thinking, with which I’m in accord, that sees heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the material, as parts of a single continuum that is spirit-matter. It’s all energy, consciousness, life, and form, with a fluid and evolving interplay between them.

Earth could certainly use more “heavenly,” and the cliche “heaven on Earth” is in the air. And it is the newer way of thinking that is able to conceive and become conscious of this and know it as a reality toward which evolution is moving. This does not mean that heaven is only on Earth, but that the relation between heaven and Earth is far more intimate than is normally thought possible.

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Someone asked:  “Does heaven have an actual location or is it a state of mind? Is it a place your soul eternally resides outside of “self”?

It’s primarily a state of mind, or rather a state of consciousness, and in the heavenly sense, of transcendent consciousness that is capable of expressing as mind, heart, and in other ways not definable in intellectual terms. So “state of mind” is a very inadequate, and possibility misleading description.

It is not in space, or rather limited in space the way material things are, but at the same time the concept of space does play a part. The soul or out-of-the-body consciousness can interact with the physical world as occasionally happens in visitations from those in the afterlife, and also those in the higher state sometimes show awareness of what is happening in ordinary space/time on the physical plane.

It is only “outside of self” in the sense that, in the more advanced phase of life in the subtle worlds beyond the physical, there is progressive freedom from the usual egotistic concerns that trouble those in the body. But at the same time it includes “self” in the sense of identify, self-awareness—the soul is creative and multi-dimensional and knows itself as expressing “heart,” “head,” and “will,” but these expressions of consciousness are also in evolution and their meaning is for more than what the terms suggest to most persons.

And finally, the word “resides” is also partly misleading because it may suggest a static state where as soul consciousness and soul life are dynamic and always unfolding more of their infinite potential.

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Someone asked, “Do we have a certain definition of what soul might be?”

It is so beautiful, it can not be described, yet we must try. It is consciousness, but what is consciousness to us? It is love, but what is love to us? Only that by soul we finally come to see what consciousness is, what love is, what the hidden source is from which our finest thoughts and dreams are borrowed. It is the rainbow door of infinity, pure meaning, it is benevolence, grandeur, greatness. It is vast and unfettered adventure, wondrous beyond the wildest dreams of Earthly life.

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Someone asked:  “What do you mean by higher Consciousness and Supreme Consciousness?”

Some synonyms of “higher consciousness” include:

  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Spiritual illumination
  • Soul consciousness
  • Self-realization
  • Enlightenment
  • Realization of unity
  • God consciousness
  • Transcendental consciousness

Higher consciousness is love-consciousness and includes the realization of brotherhood and apprehension of knowledge and wisdom including the consciousness of immortality and direct experience of the meaning of life. It results in inspiration that moves the individual toward a life of service to humanity that can take various forms including artistic, humanitarian, scientific, political, economic, religious, etc.

Higher consciousness is an experience that transcends all conventional concepts of mind, emotion, and body. It is not mental, emotional, or physical, but affects all of these in various ways and degrees. It is always essentially nonverbal and without form in the physical sense (i.e. it is not a voice, image, person, or material thing). And while it may later be given verbal or other symbolic form (as in the list above) the verbal formulas are not the consciousness itself, so the true nature and meaning of higher consciousness can only be understood by direct personal experience.

In addition, higher consciousness is not a single thing that is known or not known. Rather it consists of many levels and dimensions that are gradually revealed to the individual, and to humanity, over vast periods of time and evolution.

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Someone asked, “What differentiates good from evil?  Is it religion?”

Good is all that is based on the motivation of love—it’s focus is unity, and it looks toward the needs of the large whole, that is, the welfare of humanity and of life in general. The good wields power and wealth, not for its own sake or egos sake, but on behalf of the welfare of the larger whole. Its interest are the highest good for the greatest number.

Evil is based on hunger for power and wealth and is motivated by personal desire, hate, and fear. It is governed by separative desires with the goal of its own interests or the interests of some separative group with which its ego is identified. Evil seeks power and wealth for itself alone, or for the smaller family group, cult, nation, or other narrow focus with which its ego is identified.

Good is not an abstraction but a reality inherent in the consciousness of the soul, that is, in the higher self that is rooted in spirit. Good is essentially spiritual.

Evil is arises in the material side of life and is inherent in the egotism of the personality when it is cut off from the soul. It is the nature of the lower self whose primary nature, when deprived of soul contact, is loveliness, or extreme selfishness.

Good is defined by the presence of divinity that insures the spiritual evolution of mankind and of all things. Good, for the individual, is whatever helps the evolution of soul, which is to say the full expression of consciousness or love. Good is therefore ultimately defined by the direction of the will of divinity as it expresses in humanity, the world, and all of cosmos.

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Someone asked:  “If I am not my body, nor my thoughts, who (or what) and where resides that real part of who I truly am?”

You are the higher consciousness that flows, and will increasingly, through mind, emotion, and body. You are source out of which thought and expressed love arises. You are benevolence and greatness. You are the transcendental love that lives in the silences between thoughts, and presses forward in urgent actions. You are the immortal silence itself out of which universes arise, the space from which all music and light comes, that same space from which is born the fire of all the suns in cosmos.

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Someone asked:  “Will everything be alright in the end or will the whole universe just vanish?”

Yes, and I see that nothing really “vanishes.” It hides in seeming dark and rises again in light. And have you not heard? The latest is that there is not one big bang, but many big bangs. But it is really a wondrous infinite play that leads by way of Pralaya where all that is and was is folded again and again into latent life only to burst forth anew.How shall we be transfigured in the ocean of the Infinite life? The creator knows what must be, and I affirm that the creation of the heart will not be precipitated into an abyss.

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