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Someone asked, “Why is the world imperfect?”


If the world were perfect would you ask, “Why is the world perfect?” No you would not because in a hypothetically perfect world you would already know the answer. And such a world would be quite boring would it not? Because everything would be known and nothing would be lacking and so there would be nothing to discover and no adventure to be had. And so the world with relativity, the world with some imperfection, that is the world to be in and that is the world as we have. The reality we have is the beauty of evolution, both physical and spiritual.

…a world in which matter never got out of place …and iron had no flaws and wood no crack, in which gardens had no weeds and food grew ready cooked…and things never went wrong, would be a much easier place to live in.  But for purposes of training and development it would be worth nothing at all. It is the resistance that puts us on our mettle:  it is the conquest of the reluctant stuff that educates the worker.  I wish you enough difficulties to keep you well and make you strong and skillful!

Henry Van Dyke


Someone asked, “What is your personal definition of non-duality?”

Non-duality is a way of speaking about and underscoring the spiritual unity of all things. So, for instance Divinity or the divine reality in which all things originate is the same spiritual reality that is the essence of human consciousness and identity. Or to put it in another simpler and traditional way: God’s spirit and man’s spirit are one spirit.

The non-duality concept is also a way of underscoring how the mind functions in relation to the phenomenal world and the need to use but transcend the mind-level of understanding. The mind divides things, separates them, and understands in terms of relationships between different phenomena. The light of spiritual reality shining down into the mind sparks the non-duality realization, and a strict non-duelists might assert that all I have written here is itself too dualistic, and it is because any analysis of relationships involves duality or multiplicities that mislead as words, to some degree, inevitably do.

Another example is that in very dualistic thinking—such as we find in most religions and philosophies, spirit is conceived of as separate from matter. But a more non-dualistic concept is to define spirit and matter as aspects of one thing—in other words there is only single continuum of spirit-matter.

For your edification and amusement I point to the follow video on this theme:


Someone asked, “What is Marianne Williamson talking about when she says there’s a ‘dark psychic energy’ in America?”

Many people who supported Trump did so because they are, without realizing it, caught up in dark fears and selfish materialistic desires of the group. And many are so caught up in this force that they are willing to harm others or see them harmed in the frantic attempt to satisfy their desires and shield themselves from mostly artificial enemies and others perceived as “outsiders,” the later phenomena being related to propaganda as in the Faces of the Enemy.

About Marianne Williamson, in New Age teachings, fear and selfish desires are seen as not only in the heads of individuals but they also exists on a psychic (astral) level which is an actual dimension or vibratory field that pervades everything on our planet like a dense invisible flog. So in this sense, we all live in a communal or group-think aura (really a relatively mindless state) where we are subject to the psychic forces and pressures of the group emotion (This is rather like the Borg mind of Star Trek fame.) It is telepathy or consciousness-sharing on a lower emotional level, and at that level many humans unconsciously participate in the communal “dark psychic energy” that colors and conditions a substantial portion of the US psyche. It is literally, “the dark side of the force” as the Star Wars mythology correctly names it.

Many people pick up the depression, the anxiety, the fear or irritation of other people. It is rather like the phenomena of sympathetic vibration in the physics laboratory… many people do not know which emotions are their own and which emotional mood they have picked up from people around them.

Dr. Shafica Karagulla

Group mind, the term, is frequently used to denote the collective conscious of a specific group of people such as a tribe, village, or town, and which is the accumulation of their essential beliefs. Usually the group mind occurs within a certain location, so the thoughts, fears, hopes, and desires of the inhabitants form a sphere of energy that attaches itself to that area. The group mind influences the residents by disposing them to the nature of the thought form, or mind set. It can promote such behavior as shared by members of a magical lodge. This is the way people share a basic commonality. The group mind phenomena should be differentiated from the group mod or other psychotic behavior, and not confused with the group soul.

Group Mind – The Mystica

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Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Dean Radin Ph.D.

The Global Consciousness Project

On a happier note, there is a higher correspondence to the “dark psychic force” which is the “Light psychic force,” e.g.:

Someone asked, “What should Americans know about Marianne Williamson’s run for the presidency?”

They should know, but do not, that most of her ideas belong to the future, a future that, sadly, most neither deserve nor are yet ready for. Since the US population is not yet ready for a person of her quality and type and views, it is unlikely she will not be elected but perhaps she will find a role in the new Democratic administration.

Americans should realize that Marianne Williamson has been unfairly attacked in some media and her views distorted and misrepresented. Sometimes this is done as satire, as in the case of Stephen Colbert, but the humor in this case is not worth the price of it as it does a serious disservice to the viewers and is quite harmful.

Williamson’s beliefs on health and healing are often one of the main criticisms by her detractors. What is often not appreciated is that…

…her HIV/AIDS activism, which came at a time when many were afraid to even be in the same room as someone who was HIV-positive, let alone someone dying from AIDS complications. She founded Project Angel Food in 1989 to deliver food and provide other services, like hospice care, to those with terminal illnesses. Again, like with the Los Angeles Center for Living, of which the program was an extension, most of those the organization served were suffering from HIV/AIDS. Marianne Williamson Has a Long, Complicated Relationship With the LGBTQ Community

We also have;

And in a blog post Williamson wrote:

I’m a modern woman, and of course I go to the doctor. Of course I take pharmaceuticals when they’re called for, and I am as grateful as anyone for the advances of modern medicine.

I do not judge pharmaceuticals, and I do not judge anyone who uses them – including for depression.

What I do criticize – and I cannot understand why anyone wouldn’t – is predatory practices on the part of big pharmaceutical companies.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, we find:

Whatever context that was in, I never told anyone not to go to the doctor. I spent hours and hours and hours driving people to the doctor. When a clergyperson, a faith leader, prays with someone, or leads them in a guided meditation—this is not in repudiation of medicine. Body, mind, and spirit. In today’s world, the oncologist is liable to be the first person to suggest that you get yourself over to one of those spiritual support groups, because serious spiritual practice has been proven to boost the functioning of the immune system. And by the way, when I was working with AIDS patients, a lot of that was at a time when there was no medicine yet. Marianne Williamson Explains Her Magical Thinking

On his blog, Mark King wrote:

“It was bloody war, and Marianne pulled up her sleeves and got to work on our behalf. She should always, always be remembered and honored for that. While her current political moment may be fleeting and easy to satirize, I won’t deny Marianne Williamson her due when it comes to her devotion to us in our darkest hour. I wish we had had a hundred more like her.” welcome, my friends…

Somone asked,”What do you think that we can learn from the universe and the stars?”


The most profound answer can be found in the writings of George William Russell who wrote the poem “Star Teachers” which runs:

…These myriad eyes that look on me are mine;
Wandering beneath them I have found again
The ancient ample moment, the divine,
The God-root within men.

For this, for this the lights innumerable
As symbols shine that we the true light win:
For every star and every deep they fill
Are stars and deeps within.

Some one on Quora asked, “How did you enter into a spirit of opulence?”


I’m 13 years old. The library is seven blocks from my house. I walk there in the early evenings. Along the way, I whistle and sing; softly on the singing because I don’t know how and its strictly in-the-shower level vocalizations. I’ve never heard of meditation, or yoga, but I begin to do it anyway. I have no names or concepts for the inward seeking. I think during these meditative walks, but often the thinking stops, replaced by something else. The singing is breath and the sound is searching. Among the notes and thoughts of warm summer nights, my thoughts settle into a wonderful stillness. There are sacred words in the sounds of traffic and in the voices of people on the streets. I listen to these magical sounds; I attend to them with an inner stillness. I walk in the flow of something that I will much later call energy, or fire, or light. I read myself in the fire. But I do not call it by these names, for I have no name, no words. I’m just a boy out for a walk. Decades later, I find some of the words in Edward Carpenter, a kindred spirit who wrote:

What is this flood, overcoming body and sense?
I feel the walls of my skull crack, the barriers part,
The sun-flood enter–

Love, magnified, floating eternal seas of essence–
Before and behind births and deaths
Spiritual gravitation, the emergence evermore expanding.

Back to the first word of speech,
On to the last utterance of seers,
My soul catches the perfect song.

Adapted from my blog A Short Biography

Someone asked “I always help others because I feel worthless. How do I love myself?”

Truly love, then help others not in order to feel less worthless but help them because you love them. If you do that you will be in a space of love that includes yourself and everything else.

“The true way to love is to reflect and meditate deeply and constantly upon the significance and meaning of love, its origin, its expression through the soul, its qualities, goals and objectives.” Alice Bailey