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Selected Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications on Psi Research

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A selected list of peer-reviewed journal articles about psi (psychic) phenomena, most published in the 21st century.



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Scientific Evidence Supporting Near-Death Experiences

and the Afterlife


The Folly of Scientism Austin L. Hughes




Video:  Basic Para-Science and Scientism



Dr. Ian Stevenson’s Research on Children’s

Memories of Past Lives

–Evidence for Reincarnation




What is Science and What is Scientism?



Achieves of Scientists Transcendent Experiences



Extra-sensory Love



To be without love is to be without spirit. Heartlessness and selfishness conspire with a materialism that measures human life by time and limitation. But love is resonant with the sense of the timeless spiritual—it is the extra­sensory eye that views the hidden life and special being of life beyond time.

Naturally, the realization of timeless love has profound effects on how we experience and relate to others. The famous researcher in extra-sensory perception, Dr. J. B. Rhine, wrote:

“Our treatment of people obviously depends on what we think they are. The more we think of our fellowmen as deterministic physical systems, ­robots, machines, brains–the more heartlessly and selfishly we can allow ourselves to deal with them… On the other hand, the more we appreciate their mental life as unique… more original and creative than mere space-time mass relations of matter, the more we are interested in them as individuals and the more we tend to respect them and consider their viewpoints and feelings.”