Extra-sensory Love



To be without love is to be without spirit. Heartlessness and selfishness conspire with a materialism that measures human life by time and limitation. But love is resonant with the sense of the timeless spiritual—it is the extra­sensory eye that views the hidden life and special being of life beyond time.

Naturally, the realization of timeless love has profound effects on how we experience and relate to others. The famous researcher in extra-sensory perception, Dr. J. B. Rhine, wrote:

“Our treatment of people obviously depends on what we think they are. The more we think of our fellowmen as deterministic physical systems, ­robots, machines, brains–the more heartlessly and selfishly we can allow ourselves to deal with them… On the other hand, the more we appreciate their mental life as unique… more original and creative than mere space-time mass relations of matter, the more we are interested in them as individuals and the more we tend to respect them and consider their viewpoints and feelings.”

4 thoughts on “Extra-sensory Love”

  1. Excellent quotation. I suspect there is no love in the absence of the spiritual quotient. the sentiment of the thought connects to the love I have for God…not for what He does for me but for who He is. Isn’t that also the way we love on this earth? We are not perfect individuals, but when we love, we love anyway for what that person is.

    1. Hi Marie,
      I’m thinking that true love, the deep of it, is always wed to the spiritual. There are, I think, surface reflections of love that are the shadows of it.

      About God as “He,” I think it is anthropomorphic term. Also the current dominance of God conceived as “he,” reflects the male dominated culture, which in turn is a reflection of mankind’s imbalance assimilation and understanding of the great cosmic polarity. It is hard to find good words for transcendent things, but God must transcend all human connotations of “He” or “She.” Anyway, using the term “He” is a concession to the way people think and talk at the present time in human history.

      1. You are undoubtedly correct that reference to God as ‘He’ in today’s culture is anthropomorphic. In my opinion this is because there is little or no understanding of the role He plays in either creation or living. It is quoted in the book of Genesis that He said ‘Let us make man in our image, and they were created both man and woman in “our” image (not an exact quotation). “Us” I believe refers to the Trinity, not just to God the Father. This one fact of creation would presuppose that the Trinity is made up of qualities of both sexes, chosen for the roles for which they were created (more specifically for further [pro-creation, and populating the world.) (Have you ever read the book Shack? It is very interesting in that God is a woman, which is okay with me if that is ‘His’ plan. I use the capital ‘H’ as a matter of respect not domination.)

        The other aspect that is often missed is that “submission” is taught as a voluntary quality. It is a gift of great importance. We are to be in subjection to one another (one of the great ‘one another’ commandments on living). That it has been taken to apply only within marriage is not the way it was intended. I say this not as a personal opinion but as one who has combined this rule of living with scriptures regarding other teachings on love, and they simply do not fit when arbitrary.

        I do not feel that the Bible is a book of rules, but if followed a book of ways in which we are able to lead happy, productive lives. Even Jesus listed love as the most important commandment. Certainly the Jews under the law were considered as having broken the entire law if they broke even one commandment, but this was for the purpose of their future cleansing by the blood of Christ, inherent on the faith they possessed in the promise that forgiveness would eventually be theirs. It also places Jew and Gentile on the same level as obedience comes from faith. At the same time it taught them about God’s grace which allowed them the right to begin over again in spite of having broken the law. We are receive this same gift of grace today. This provision makes the Jews and the those of us in the Gentile world equal partners in the provision for eternity with retro, present and future forgiveness dependent on faith.

        The reason I am so interested in your information and your teaching is that there is so much of it that replicates what I know of God, His plan, His purpose. Learning that goes to the heart changes otherwise it just takes up room. Light of learning illuminates not only self, but radiates to others. Conscience speaks of the Spirit as does intuition. Love is a deeply spiritual thing. These are things that sometimes get lost unless one is a serious student of scripture. I place myself in that serious category, but at the same time I know that I am only a beginner. Your teaching helps me at this point to grow in spiritual transformation, because the specifics of how the Spirit works within is very sketchy in scripture and yet very important that it become a part of knowledge in order that we will not “quench” the Spirit that dwells within as He teaches.

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