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Masquerade Parties, Messages, Transformations


The root meaning of “person” is “mask.” So each teacher appears to us as a mask seen through our own covering veils. We like personalities and masquerade parties, yet we also like to solve mysteries. Were we clear enough, we could see behind the eyes, voice, and movements and find there the wordless truth. Yet it’s difficult since we look up with love to persons, and partial truths seem shinny enough. I’ve often thought that a great teacher would be especially adept at making message larger than personality.

There are external and internal messages, yet our own aura is the media through which the external ones reach us.  Great messages come burning into the mind, flow through the heart, and knock loudly for application. They are so polished we can see our reflection in them, and they are deep enough to hold all the needed solutions. When we use a message, it expands us and magnifies our energy. We become part of the message and it becomes part of our life radiation.  By such messages we choose the right life path, we feel our strength, we persevere in the face of all obstacles—this is high magic—it opens doors, reveals worlds, and works beautiful transformations.