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The Future


On the shore of ocean with wind and trees,
With a love from childhood’s dreams remembered.
In the dawn, a path of rose-red light.
Is it a place I see or the sparkle of Camelot?

I have known these grains of sand,
I have seen their gleams before.
They are the fiery stars within the earth–
The secret talismans of a future time.

These seeds of glory, these crystal promises,
They light the path at the morning hour.

Near the ocean with wind and trees,
With a love from childhood’s dreams remembered–
It is not a place I see,
But eternity along a path of light.

Beyond what We Imagine


At any moment in time, we are always worlds more than we imagine ourselves to be. There is the self we know at the moment, and there is infinitely greater life of the future. The lesser is like a point and the greater like space. In the greater is hidden an infinity of unimagined possibilities. “Time,” relates to our limits, but timelessness, the infinite, leads us beyond all imagined limits. The individual is like a flower hidden in a seed, where the current external appearance, the tiny point of potentiality, offers little clue to what will unfold. What we are–the fullness of our hidden powers and potentials–only become clear in the revelation of the future, in that prophetic space where we sense the beauty of the infinite. In this we discover worlds undreamed of. The galvanizing surprise is transformative, and in this we perpetually discover our limits are not what we thought.


Art by metalyman