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The Relativity of Galaxies and Body Heat


The cosmic, the universe, the all beyond yet inclusive of Earth, the vast ocean of energy-matter; the misty turn of galaxies and suns, bright lights and luminous clouds and further on, unfathomable curtain of night; so many well designed flames, so many mysteries of light; and here below we focus small, reduced, microscopic, with body heat no match for stars. Or more, we find it so by our binding in time, by animal nature, by blood, by minute psychologies and small pains, troubles rendered in large illusions, yet not one such visible from Space. But thought of the universe is more magical than time and lights brain with new fires; so then, small links to great and the sunlight spaces of the cosmic worlds are close as love.

The Scientifically Approved Miracle


“The hard swallow built into science is this business about the big bang… This is the notion that the universe, for no reason, sprang from nothing in a single instant… notice that this is the limit test for credulity. Whether you believe this or not, notice that it is not possible to conceive of something more unlikely, or less likely to be believed. I defy anyone. It’s just the limit case for unlikelihood: that the universe would spring from nothing in a single instant for no reason… It is in fact no different than saying, “and then God said, ‘Let there be light!’  What the philosophers of science are saying is “give us one free miracle and we will roll from that point forward, from the birth of time to the crack of doom.”  Terence McKenna

Sphere of Life


Science divides the world into organic and inorganic, the living and nonliving.  And we read of a time before there was life on Earth, and then a proliferation of theories to explain how life evolved from a material matrix defined as lifeless.  In this conception, our mind stages a curious scenario where Mother Earth is a lifeless form, yet gives birth to life.  In this dualistic picture, life somewhat mysteriously arose from lifelessness.

Metaphysical thinkers often affirm, in various ways, “Life is one, ” or “All things are one,” or simply “All is one.”   Do they mean that organic things are one but that the material matrix that gave them birth is something other than and apart from the one?  Or do they mean that organic life and nonliving matter are something other than “life” and that the spirit or soul, sanding apart from these, is life?   If we take them at their word, all is one life, however well disguised in forms organic and inorganic.

The curious “life from lifelessness” concept is less mysterious if we supplement the narrower biological definitions of life with a more comprehensive and unitary definition.  Namely, that all is life—an atom is alive, a human is alive, and a star is alive, and the “big bang” or the “big bloom” is a living action.  Life is motion, and in evolution, motion becomes less unconscious and more conscious. Apparent “lifelessness” is not “dead matter” but just latent life.   Is there then life elsewhere in the universe?  It follows that there is nothing but life in the universe.  Moreover, it would appear stingy, if not wasteful of space, that divinity would evoke a little bubble of organic life around planet Earth and leave the rest of the universe in a dead state.  Probably, divinity is much more lavish.

Transcendental Music


The legendary idea of the “music of the spheres” rings true. Is an atom musical? Is a planet, a sun, or a galaxy musical? What of the auric sphere, the sphere of thought and consciousness? What of centers and subsidiary centers found in everything? It’s not just orchestral groups that are musical–one can sense the importance of resonance in all spheres where everything from the microscopic to the cosmic is understandable in musical terms. Meditative sensitivity to the transcendental music of life is infinitely more than the usual understanding of musical appreciation. Music, in a profound sense, is encoded with meaning where worlds of essential information are communicated in sound.

Since all is unity, particles of the cosmic song thread their way into everyday life–a human voice, the sound of the rain, or a bit of seemingly ordinary music. But customary conversations are often less conducive to perception than silence or the sounds of nature. And perceptive comparison with more musical expressions may render our usual talk embarrassing. Perhaps in this contrast there is a key of attunement and attainment.


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