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Information Overload: Tests of Discrimination



What a wild world! We’re bombarded with so much information these days that the onslaught threatens to overwhelm us. Ideas, images, propaganda, voices, montages, songs and screeches–a veritable whirlwind of communication beckons us to the heady heights of some new comprehension or threatens to plunge us into a maelstrom information overload. Words and images assault us–we ride waves of communication that pour toward us from all directions. Plug into the new world and the blinding Technicolor radiance of it flows through us; some of this is dazzling, some awful.

Pause of stillness, thought, focus, and clarity. It must be about discrimination. I will choose carefully. I must be critical, yet open. Carefully verify what is important; ignore what is not. So then, to choose, to carefully discern what is most worthwhile. It is a modern school for an ancient and time-honored lesson: the tests of discrimination.