Short Compilation On Channeling and Glamour

There has been an explosion of spiritual teachings and communications on the planet over the last one hundred and fifty years. Some are genuine, coming from credible esoteric sources such as Helena Blavatsky or Alice Bailey. But most are interpretations of the true teachings, which in the author’s opinion are dubious at best, and filled with distortions, personal biases, or downright nonsense, at worst. Many “young souls” – those who have not yet developed mental discrimination and have not studied credible esoteric teachings, are “taken in” by these false prophets and their prophecies. This will continue until the student develops a cycle of doubt and becomes more discerning. This paper explores this topic.”   Continue reading here:  The Problem of Channelling and Channellers

“I have studied the channeling phenomenon for the pa st ten years. The main thing I have learned is that channeling is not a phenom enon in the singular sense, but rather an umbrella of related phenomena that have been with us for thousands of years. As such, to better understand what channeling is we need to explore the wide range of huma n abilities involved. Let’s begin with a little hist ory. There is a premodern tradit ion known by many different names that dates back to the earliest written records, as far back as the fourteenth century BCE, according to transpersonal psychologist Arthur Hastings…”

Continue reading here:  An Integral Overview of Channeling


“What can we know for certain? There is still no way to ascertain whether or not someone is genuinely channeling. Over the years, I have often been asked if I can tell whether someone is really channeling—if the source of the information, guidance, or behavior originates from outside of his/her own consciousness, personality, and general psychoenergetic system—or whether he/she is originating it from within his/her own system, even unconsciously. I cannot know for certain. I would challenge anyone else to prove it one way or the other. We just cbn’t knov enough at this point. But that’s not to say that we aren’t full of personal opinions about the matter. Channeling is a very polarizing subject! People quickly choose up sides, declaring which camp they are in, the true believers opposing the disbelievers or skeptics.

The day may well he nearing when we can use some form of brain wave EEG measure, magnetic SQUID brain imaging device, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging technique, chakra or aura camera or meter to pinpoint and differentiate genuinely channeled material from self- nerated. As yet, we have no irrefutable litmus test for channeling. I can use my own intuition, as anyone can, to try to judge authentic channeling. But we enter into circular logic here. I can use nn’ intuitive, psychic, or channeling ability, if I think I have such, to try to evaluate the genuineness of someone else’s intuitive, psychic, or channeling abilities. But we need to bring some other intuitive, psychic, or channeling perspective or measure to scrutinize my abilities to ensure their authenticity and veridical nature. And then an additional set of abilities would have to be brought to hear upon that set brought to hear upon mine, and so on, ad infinitum. For now, the jury stays out, so to speak, with regard to rendering the ultimate verdict on channeling. In the meantime, this book should give you plenty to think about to make up your own mind.”

Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources


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