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Desire in Absolute and Relative Perspectives


Someone says truth is subjective and there is no objective truth, no truth at all really, just some brain phenomena relative to this or that pair of eyes. Another soul is on a mission to affirm absolute truth by recommending total and immediate ending of all desire. In this are the absolute and relative extremes.

The first, the extreme relativists, inclined to a lonely space and wrote stories about unredeemable human craziness. There was a glaze of pain over the eyes and a sharp edge to the voice. This extreme relativist finds little significance in the word “truth,” and prefers words and matters more earthly. For them, all lofty affirmations are personal, only a grade or two above dust, and ultimately of a similar reduction.

The second, the absolutists, when questioned will presumably allow some qualification for the natural desire for food, otherwise the remainder of their stay on Earth will be brief and we will hear little more from them. Perhaps their absolute perspective will also yield qualification for sex, otherwise by this prescription humanity’s stay on Earth will also be strikingly brief. Or it could be the absolutists concludes there is no need for embodied humanity-as-is, and it is best that we all jump to hyperspace nirvana without delay.

The absolutists devour gigantic concepts a hundred quadrillion times the size of planet Earth. They have found all the unhappy meanings for human yearnings and for them it is without qualification, the cause of suffering. Desire is, of course, inherent in nature, and it appears as an essential part of the evolutionary scheme of things. There are healthy and unhealthy desires, or rather a continuum of these. So modern man goes to extremes and is often drive by the latter kind. Sill, some of our finest aspirations are desires in subtle form. Among them is the aspiration towards balance. Perhaps even now the relativist is not entirely satisfied, and the absolutists may be evolving a more realistic adaptation. In this might be a gravitation toward the golden mean.