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A tribute to Walt Whitman and to the Granite Flats TV series that made fine use of his words.

A tribute to Walt Whitman and to the Graniet Flats TV series that made fine use of his words.


Video samples are from the TV series “Granite Flats,” 2013-2015, season 3, episode 1, “Our Rendezvous Is Fitly Appointed”

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Practical Relation to the Transcendent


Reading of the cosmic, of the transcendent, we may sometimes imagine that it is all above us, hence impractical. We read of Deity and man, and why is Deity mentioned in the same breath as man, and why the talk of links and relations that bridge the cosmic and particular?

We live, if often unconsciously, by profound integration with luminous angelic powers. Our acts and best thoughts and words are born of subtle living currents that bind the small and great, and each finely wrought thought is a note that calls to higher beings. This admits of no picture of man alone, with skull-confined synapses and weak isolated flesh. Rather, we are participant-builders, magicians of light. At least we are so when not stumbling into things, when not divorced from the memory of our source, when not distracted by the trivial clamors of the world.

Fidelity in Transmission


Everything transcendental is above the limits of external language. In direct realization we no longer need translation by linking words to meanings via external personal experiences. Yet fidelity of “reception” and “transmission” are still issues. We may catch a meaning directly, but there will still be limitations surrounding its embodiment on the personality level, that is in the form it takes in the mind, emotion, or physical world. Yet, in the depths of consciousness we can still sense the truth directly. And if the realization is revisited directly, it becomes apparent that the body we give it is inadequate. Words and images never fully embody the realities of spiritual life.