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Home and Family


People idealize home and family, as if vaguely recalling some celestial correspondence.   Yet most homes are rarely celestial, and often correspond to imprisonment and abuse that violates love.  Over-emphasis on blood relations is often accompanied by a relatively loveless and unhappy bondage.   So, instead of an oasis of culture, the usual home is only a karmic burning ground. 

Ideally, a home would be a microcosm of true brotherhood.  Brotherhood might begin in a good home, and would have far-ranging significance, because brotherhood transcends all the narrow groves of conventional clannishness. 


Family Potrait by LuisArmandoRasteletti

The Sky from Earth


Down the ages teachings come to us of unity and the way to it, even though we humans have not taken to it very well. Books of religions advocate brotherhood even while the would-be faithful violate it. Everywhere, the form of things dominates and eclipses spirit. The form attracts us and the mysteries behind remain largely beyond comprehension and application. So, the eclipse of spirit by matter is the rule, and the ways of light are lost in the shadowy labyrinths of human imagination. Yet behind the veils of human activities is the impelling force, the luminous quest for unity.

Are the many quests for unity branches of one tree? On the contradictory surface it would be impossible to affirm this, yet in principle the idea works–but only if we dig deep, ignoring the many overlays, the crazy human constructions seething with chaos. In the deep cosmic sense, we find signs of the original tree of knowledge, signs pointing the way toward harmony and unity.

“Only the kernel of every object nourishes;
Where is he who tears off the husks for you and me?”

Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman