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Miraculous Unnoticed Synchronicity

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A lot of synchronicity occurs without our realizing it because it simply does not come to our attention. For instance, when I was sixteen, I had a strange dream. I was with my best friend the following day, and though we rarely spoke of dreams, we discovered by accident that we had dreamed the exact same dream on the same night. My friend related my unusual dream to me in vivid detail, exactly as I dreamed it except that he was the central character in his dream and not I. If it had not come up in the conversation, we would never have known anything paranormal had occurred. Obviously, virtually all such events are never noticed because the communication that would reveal the events never occurs. Such things suggest that daily life may be far more miraculous than most people imagine and we are simply unaware of it.

Interpersonal Resonance


It’s rare to resonate to the actual meaning in the mind and heart of another. Ego usually prefers a more personal interpretation. We hear words, automatically assigning them meaning based on personal knowledge. This is natural and inevitable, but our sin is that we forget about our ego and the limits of our knowledge. The interpretative process becomes thoughtless and self-centered, and we relate to another’s words in a way that misses the meaning. We jump to the conclusion that we know what’s being said. It’s a natural action of ego. It’s tricky, because words of themselves are just dead forms and illusions. We ourselves give them life, or fail to give it. Having words in our ears doesn’t mean we have the meaning in the mind and heart of the speaker. All this might seem obvious, yet this very day have we not all fallen short of the glory of communion.

The glory of meaning is in people, not in words. Meaning is an arc of light in the space between words.

“All music is what awakes from you
When you are reminded by the instruments.”

Leaves of Grass, Walt Whitman

And in reading, thinking, and listening, all meaning is what wakes from us when we are reminded by the words.