Morphing with Light: The free Book

Below is the table of contents to Morphing with Light.
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Morphing with Light a free ebook


Morphing with Light

Magic and Meaning

Intellect and Intuition

Subjective and Objective

Home and Family

Popular Appeals


Human Chaos

The Future

Sphere of Life

Self-centered Metaphysics

Child of the Past

Love, Desire, and Broken Hearts

The Paradox of Self Love

Divine Feminine

Words and Wind of Silver


Media Bias in the Thought-free Zones

Bags, Boxes, and People

World Events and the Forest of Scorpions

Stop Words

Instant Versus Painstaking Forgiveness

Lifeless Gray Worlds

“Spiritual” Materialism

The “O” in Opinions

The Provocative Christian Time Machine

Darkness Defined


The Scope of Evolution

The Builders of Fires



The Descent of Energy

The Body of Teachers and Teachings

Words Darkly Illuminated

Concepts like Tinker toys

Pseudo Spirituality


A Dream of Long Ago

Disappearance and Levitation

Races, Differences and Unity

The Dramatic Dragon

Multiple-choice Meditative Semantics

Speaking From What We Are

Real and Unreal, Subjective and Objective


Practical Relation to the Transcendent

Old and New

Deeper Causes

Identification with a School of Thought

Where the Semantic Sidewalk Ends

Desire in Absolute and Relative Perspectives

Simplicity and Complexity

Impersonal Misconceptions

The Active Enzyme Lemon-Freshened Junior High School Witch

A Partial History of Attempts to Construct Interstellar Transport Using Small Pieces of Recycled Paper

The Transpersonal Semantics of “and”

What Religion are You?

Fidelity in Transmission

Childhood’s Moonlight

The View from Above

Hyper-Space Flowers

Silver Shadows

Deeper Questions

Playing with Numbers

Mantra: Sound Effects

Mantra Defined

Heart and Head

Sunflower Cosmos

Sunflower Motivations

Geometry of Consciousness

Masquerade Parties, Messages, Transformations

Fiery Personality

The Veil Between Worlds

Science and Magic

Transcendental Music

The Sky from Earth

New Life, New Love, New Words

Beyond what We Imagine

The Beginning of Life

Extra-sensory Love

On the Timelessness of Love

Song Writer’s Intuition

Worldly Reflections

Flowers, Fanatics, and other Distances from Divinity

True Notes

Sun God in Practice

Flower Templates

Initiation into Light

Fire of Achievement

Death Paradox

Giving up and Acquisition

Pain, Chaos and Future Light

Pervasive Quotations

Omnipresent Centers

Beauty as Transformative Power

The Hyper-dimension of Things

Phenomenal and Spiritual Perception

Intuitive Vistas

Shocks of Beauty

The Deep Significance of Definitions as Arrows

Meditative Translating—Verbal and Conceptual Adaptation

The Death or Resurrection of Words

Acting as If

The Scope and Limits of Intuition

The Essence and Body of Thought

Through Eyes of Light

Double Maya

The Turn from Night to Day

Teachings as Catalyst

The Door of Everything

Breathing in and Out

Finding our Work

Behind Words and Thoughts

Flowers and other Hyper-space Doorways

Physical, Psychic and Mystical Perception

External Knowledge and Intuition

Miraculous Unnoticed Synchronicity

Life as Meditation

Initiative and Initiation

Interpersonal Resonance

Transpersonal Semantics

Magic Resonance

Basic Physics—Basic Metaphysics

Interior Adventures

Most Like God

Ellipsis and Etcetera

And God said: “Relativity, degrees, strata, spectrum, etc”

Truth and truth—a limited rendering

Where Meaning Is

Like the Best Morning of Life

Dead Words

Dream Radiance

A Dead Person Musings

Secret Sunlight in Troubled Times

Sacred Ethereal Pressures

The View from Childhood and Space

Perceptions and Being–Light of Worlds

Infinite Divinations

To Become what We Are

Beautiful Death: A Glimmer of Will

The Esoteric Landscape—a Difficult Journey

The Distance to Buddha and Christ

Information Overload: Tests of Discrimination

Past and Future

Freedom and Joy

The Eyes of a Lost Love

The Long View of Life and Death

The Faces of Christ

Bridge of Beauty

Fire Self

Arc of Light

Spatial Sparkles

The Voice of Dreams

The Feel of an Unfamiliar Kingdom

The Fall and Rise of Light

Sun Service

Love of Forms

Sky and Earth Full of Light

A Nimbus for All

The Saint Makers

Psyche: the Fiery Angel

Behind the Mirrors of Illusion

Psychologies and Pathologies of Absolute and Relative

On Apparent Nothingness

My Imaginative Church

Up from the Law of the Jungle

Beautiful Faith and a Multitude of Sins

The Gift without Name

Fire and Crystal

Quantum Brain

Small and Great

Light of Stars

The Wind from Space

The Sun’s Handmaidens— The Creative Life of the Universe

Paradox of Personality Light

Seeing Rain

Your friend SAM: Saturation, Affirmation, Mentation

The Defining Moment

Someone asked, “What is heaven?”

The Relativity of Galaxies and Body Heat

Metaphysical People are somewhat Crazy

Research and Esoteric Respective on DNA, brain, and body

Mysterious Words

Mysterious Friends

Calls to Hidden Realms

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