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The Dramatic Dragon

File:Face in the Pool-Knight Fighting Dragon.jpg

The “dragon” or the esoteric “dweller on the threshold” are dramatic images and part of the heroic metaphysical symbolism of the ”warrior of light.” On the one hand, the wording communicates urgency and arrests our attention with a matter of great importance. On the other, it can stimulate glamour. It is appealing to imagine ourselves engaged in a great heroic battle, but less striking to be working today on our personality defects. We may mention to our friend next door that today we intend to remain entirely free of irritation, while to our fellow students of matters esoteric we may speak of preparation for the great battle.

“Note this remarkable fact: when a man begins to notice around himself a manifestation of spiritual life, he never fails to call himself an occultist, whereas it is simpler to consider oneself able to see.”

Fiery World, III, Helena Roerich