Morphing with Light–the Book (e-book)

The two images below are links to download the PDF or ePub version of my new book, Morphing with Light.  It is a collection of meditative essays and images I’ve put together over the last 20 years.   I am releasing the book to the internet under Creative Commons where you are free to share it by link, uploads or emails as you like.  Please pass it along to any and all whom you think may find it useful or beneficial.  Many of the essays in it first appeared here on my blog and this PDF provides updated versions of them.  Note that the book includes many images, so download with a fast internet connection may take 20 to 30 seconds.  It may be more convenient in some browsers to right click the link and “Save link as..” to PDF file.

To view or download Morphing with Light, click on one of the two images below image below.


For the PDF version click this image:



For the ePub version click this image:

Morphing Cover thumb


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