Someone asked, “What is Marianne Williamson talking about when she says there’s a ‘dark psychic energy’ in America?”

Many people who supported Trump did so because they are, without realizing it, caught up in dark fears and selfish materialistic desires of the group. And many are so caught up in this force that they are willing to harm others or see them harmed in the frantic attempt to satisfy their desires and shield themselves from mostly artificial enemies and others perceived as “outsiders,” the later phenomena being related to propaganda as in the Faces of the Enemy.

About Marianne Williamson, in New Age teachings, fear and selfish desires are seen as not only in the heads of individuals but they also exists on a psychic (astral) level which is an actual dimension or vibratory field that pervades everything on our planet like a dense invisible flog. So in this sense, we all live in a communal or group-think aura (really a relatively mindless state) where we are subject to the psychic forces and pressures of the group emotion (This is rather like the Borg mind of Star Trek fame.) It is telepathy or consciousness-sharing on a lower emotional level, and at that level many humans unconsciously participate in the communal “dark psychic energy” that colors and conditions a substantial portion of the US psyche. It is literally, “the dark side of the force” as the Star Wars mythology correctly names it.

Many people pick up the depression, the anxiety, the fear or irritation of other people. It is rather like the phenomena of sympathetic vibration in the physics laboratory… many people do not know which emotions are their own and which emotional mood they have picked up from people around them.

Dr. Shafica Karagulla

Group mind, the term, is frequently used to denote the collective conscious of a specific group of people such as a tribe, village, or town, and which is the accumulation of their essential beliefs. Usually the group mind occurs within a certain location, so the thoughts, fears, hopes, and desires of the inhabitants form a sphere of energy that attaches itself to that area. The group mind influences the residents by disposing them to the nature of the thought form, or mind set. It can promote such behavior as shared by members of a magical lodge. This is the way people share a basic commonality. The group mind phenomena should be differentiated from the group mod or other psychotic behavior, and not confused with the group soul.

Group Mind – The Mystica

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Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Dean Radin Ph.D.

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On a happier note, there is a higher correspondence to the “dark psychic force” which is the “Light psychic force,” e.g.:

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