Someone asked, “Why do I feel so alone in spiritual path?”


“A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends.” R. W. Emerson

This is not an unusual experience. It is partly because fewer people can be found on the same path as the one you follow and partly because it is easy to form superficial relationships whereas meaningful relationships are more rare. That said, remember that evolution in the spiritual sense is intimately bound up with relationships and with the fulfillment of the best possibilities in relationships. As we become better we do eventually attract better friends. But with regard to making connections and reaching out to others it’s good to simply offer the best of yourself whenever possible and to not expect it in return. So you can adapt to the needs of others and take advantage of whatever opportunities present themselves. We want to expand our relationships and opportunities for service and not narrow them unduly or expect that many will become our close friends. We can simply share as much as possible with each person as fits their nature and circumstance.

“Real friendliness is strong. It isn’t weak and dependent. A fearless man will use it on everyone.” How to Like People, Robert Jackson

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