Someone asked, “What is the intended purpose of chanting the Hare Krishna mantra?”

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Repetition of any kind is a means of strengthening a thought or pattern. It is also a reflection of the cosmic principle of cycles where everything in nature is expressed in rhythm. However, what is not so well appreciated is error inherent in soulless repetition which tends to numb the consciousness without in real benefit. It is the energy and quality behind any action that gives it real meaning and potency.

Soulless repetition destroys the Teaching. Also, the quality of rhythm must be understood. Of course, every crystal functions according to the principles of attraction and pulsation. But pulsation—or rhythm—is characteristic of the living principle. However, any given rhythm may be more or less alive or dead. Living rhythms, spiritualized by the power of consciousness, will produce varying combinations of subtle energies. But the rhythm of the lips’ soulless repetitions results only in a dead beat that violates the wisdom of silence and brings only harm. Beware of repetitions devoid of spirit! Truly, they dissolve the most precious gems of the spirit. If one’s action is based only on fear or greed, then even a skeleton or a military drummer could rap out a more useful rhythm. Can one expect a manifestation of fire from the raps of the tail of a dog awaiting a bone? Remember this when you are dealing with the finest energies, when you intend to approach and awaken the manifestation of Fire.

Agni Yoga

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