Someone asked, “Why is the world imperfect?”


If the world were perfect would you ask, “Why is the world perfect?” No you would not because in a hypothetically perfect world you would already know the answer. And such a world would be quite boring would it not? Because everything would be known and nothing would be lacking and so there would be nothing to discover and no adventure to be had. And so the world with relativity, the world with some imperfection, that is the world to be in and that is the world as we have. The reality we have is the beauty of evolution, both physical and spiritual.

…a world in which matter never got out of place …and iron had no flaws and wood no crack, in which gardens had no weeds and food grew ready cooked…and things never went wrong, would be a much easier place to live in.  But for purposes of training and development it would be worth nothing at all. It is the resistance that puts us on our mettle:  it is the conquest of the reluctant stuff that educates the worker.  I wish you enough difficulties to keep you well and make you strong and skillful!

Henry Van Dyke

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