Someone asked, “What happens in our brain and nervous system, when we like a new song or new music? Is it linked with memories or is it something else entirely?”

I think it is both linked with memories and for many people also “something else entirely.” It depends on the nature of the consciousness of the listener. About this consider this quote by Beethoven, “Music – The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.” Music speaks to the soul and evokes it, or it does so for those with ears to hear.

I’ve come across no finer description than that of the poem on music titled “Wizard:”

…Like some illumined thing
Akin to lighting in the stormy air
It ribboned the darkness with the edge of fire.

And blazing fiercer yet
Challenged the inky hollows of the soul
With such immortal flame
That memories long hid as in a tomb
And hopes deprived and dreams beyond our call
Leaped in the light and beckoned us again…

Angela Morgan

Her poems are online in many places including Angela Morgan – Poems by the Famous Poet – All Poetry

This is a picture of her:

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