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Speaking From What We Are


It’s lovely to have a thought or question from another, from what they are, because it’s an invitation to find our thought, to find ourselves, to really learn and discover. Often people do not know how precious these conversational gifts can be, or they would share themselves more lavishly. They do not see what an adventure it is.

Sometimes we speak, not from what we are, but from what we imagine ourselves to be. Sometimes it’s a creative act-as-if, and sometimes just pretense, a kind of groping in the dark.

But in real talk we would speak from what we are, and that speaking would be an act of discovery. But if we’re frozen in shyness, how will we discover, how will we find the open road of adventure? We can’t achieve unless we assert ourselves and speak the facts as we see them. We can’t relate to people unless we have a thought, say it straight, make it heard.

Impersonal Misconceptions


When I reflect on those I’ve learned the most from, I find that they are very personal people. They tell of themselves, but in subtle artful ways, and their motive shines through. In any case, I know it is not helpful to hide ourselves, to cloak ourselves in a concept of philosophic impersonality. We shouldn’t fear personality, but should be natural. I think there is a sense in which we must be very personal, that is, we should be honestly ourselves. And we should not imagine that this is not good enough for a given situation. If we fail in this, I think we may do so because we are too personal in the wrong way.

What is impersonality? It is not non-personality but illuminated personality. And if personality, in some sense, is to be renounced, it would be good to have an actual one fully in place for the ceremony. And if renunciation is empowerment, then personality will be strengthened, and the reflected light will be intense. Perhaps a paradoxapersonality is in order. It might be the flowering of the same personality, the veiled unearthly lights, that we see everywhere.