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World Events and the Forest of Scorpions


Each day the media shapes our picture of the world. Automatically, almost unconsciously, we absorb it. But when we assimilate the news, let us recall that what we see and read is not a true picture of the world, but a selected and edited view.

Somewhere each day some abused and love-deprived humans sank deeper into cruelty and insanity. Before the blood of their actions has time to dry, the images are beamed relentlessly into our homes and places of business. But also, somewhere today, heroic and compassionate deeds were done. If we hear of this good at all, it is in small measure.

Certainly it is right to be conscious of significant world events. But what will we do when the news delivers large servings of insanity into our living rooms? Will we passively absorb the shock for its entertainment value, or will we let the horror evoke our compassion and sober us toward a broader sense of responsibility. We are like campers in a forest given a lengthy list of all the dangerous and poisonous creatures for miles around. Common sense tells us that the list does not give a true impression of the life of the whole forest. Let us remember that the news given to us is not a true picture at all, and is not how the world really is, even in the outward sense. We will not find the world as it is in the news. But if we use our good will and imagination, our ingenuity and common sense, we can make our own intelligent revision of the of the picture and approach somewhat closer to the truth.

Yes, somewhere today and everyday some abused and love-deprived humans sank deeper into cruelty and insanity. But also, somewhere today many heroic and compassionate deeds were done, mostly unseen and unnoticed. We will need our imagination and interior resources to paint a more realistic picture of the world. We must add, by an act of thought and insight, the solution and the positive dimension and the whole array of omitted and neglected events. Let us recall, with meditative intensity, that each moment countless good things are born, some beyond the horizon; perhaps some right next door.

The Scope and Limits of Intuition


Intuition can manifest in relation to persons. For instance, the eyes, the quality of the voice, and the way a person moves, express their inner nature. Intuition penetrates to the combined meaning of these expressions. As R. W. Emerson said, ”Wise men read very sharply all of your private history in your look and gait and behavior.”

We can also see ourselves by intuition. Spiritual intuition progressively reveals our own nature as well as the ambient one. This is logically correct because intuition is unification and embraces both the center and the periphery of everything.

There is no phenomena where intuition would fail to function, because intuition derives from the unified field of meaning that underlies all things. In this sense, intuition is unlimited. Yet in practice, intuition does function unevenly in us according to our temperament and affinities, and its precipitation in a given field is dependent on a period of mental or meditative focus in that field. For instance, if we are not born a scientist or do not deliberately develop ourselves along that line, we would not expect to be the vehicle for revelation of the mysteries of nature in the scientific sense.

Infinite Divinations


Runes, cards, I Ching, sticks, books, leaves, hands, stars, numbers, words, symbols, forms–all the same face, giving nothing or everything. Every pattern, every symbol system, the waves on the sand, the child’s face, every language, the same; the whole universe divined by I-evoking magic. Does it matter where we turn for the answers? I divine there is little virtue in the pattern, in the form itself; most virtue being in the reader or in the reader’s magic relation with “out there.” The sky and the earth are as full of Runes as is any man women or child.