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Fire of Achievement


Mountain climbing is a symbol of achievement. If we seek the higher correspondence of worldly achievement, we find a door to deep mystery. According to legend, Merlin buried the sun in Mount Tombe. And in Persian mythology the sacred fire was kept alight on Mount Quedah, “the mansion of fire.” Thus fire, the symbol of spirit and illumination, is associated with lofty achievement.

“Ye are even as the fire which in the darkness of the night has been kindled upon the mountain top.”

— Persian scripture

“But I shall be on the mountain top. I shall look down upon the night, as I am learning to climb and look down upon the storms. I shall be in the new day of the mountain-top, forever above the night.”

The University of Hard Knocks

Psyche: the Fiery Angel


A fiery angel comes to live with us, in her face the memory of all we have known, in her all the fiery angels of past ages. Her hand traces the brightest patterns of life, the hidden structures of worlds and time. With her, into the earth for a time, to sleep, to dream, and finally to wake, until now we see the creative, the essence of ourselves, the soul incarnate. Near her, the face of the whole world shines with fluid light. Near her the obvious invisible flame, and in this the world of subtle pattern, the flow of deep purpose, the great mystery. We live in this flame in our true aspect, and in it are all the faces of love in all times.