Someone asked, “Doesn’t the beauty in nature point us directly to God?”

It does so, but only for those who have eyes and ears capable of perceiving it. Beauty can be apprehended in a very superficial way that does not awaken the soul, but for those whose consciousness is open to it, beauty is a door into divinity. Not only that, but even the darker side of things suggest beauty by contrast. Thus R. W. Emerson wrote, “Every shadow points to the sun.”

Many other writers draw upon the same perception. George Bancroft, wrote “Beauty itself is but the sensible image of the Infinite,” and Henry Tuckerman: “The soul, by an instinct stronger than reason, ever associates beauty with truth.” But in Franklin Merrell-Wolff we have the writer who most clearly states the reality:

“…beyond the Beauty that is predicated of various forms and relationships, there is a pure Transcendent Beauty, and this is a mode of the very Being of the SELF. This Beauty is not something that is beautiful. It is Self-existent and casts its luster upon all things… Ecstasy is pure Beauty, as well as pure Joy and Knowledge. “

Pathways Through to Space, p 47

See also the essay: Beauty as Transformative Power


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