On Quora, someone asked, “What is unity consciousness of two incarnated beings? Has anyone experienced this? Can two incarnated beings share consciousness outside of the collective consciousness?”

I have experienced shared conscious and can assure you that it is real. But you don’t have to be “soul mates” or “twin souls” to experience unity with another being because we are all—at a spiritual level—part of a unified consciousness. As we progress on the path of life we experience more blendings and sharing of consciousness and not with just one other but with many. All consciousness is is essentially unified and the deeper we go, the more dimensions of that unity we experience. Of course there are special people with whom sharing will be easier, deeper, more frequent. The basis of all this is love which is really a synonym for higher or spiritual consciousness. So it all comes down to the realization of who and what we are. That is the essential question and for the answer we have to strive to get behind the meaning of words. About that, a video:


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