Someone asked, “What are some examples of ‘truth from a certain point of view?’ explanations?”

I will offer a practical answer. A good way to develop answers to this is by defining it in terms of evolution or growth on the path of life. The path toward truth is universal but also individual.

On the personal or individual side, for example, a person may need a particular thing, for instance, to become more wisely tolerant. For that person, that is their bit of their truth for the current time as it is the next step of growth for them. For another person, the needed goal might be to avoid being taken advantage of by others—perhaps they have allowed themselves to become a doormat and have not learned to stand their ground and say “no” when it is wise to do so. If that person tried to become more tolerant, it could be a big mistake that would aggravate their problems so for them this would not be a step toward truth and would not further their evolution. So “truth” in this sense is personal being relative to what is needed, in other words, relative to a particular individuals place and circumstance on the path in life.

Now beyond this relative meaning of “truth” is a universal one. For instance, every person without exception needs more expression of wise love and every person without exception needs an increasingly intelligent understanding of themselves and others and every individual needs increased skill in the task of avoiding harm to others. These are universal.


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