Someone asked, “I can’t believe that the things I think are the ´truth’. I can’t find any peace in my head anymore. Help?”

Questioning the the things you think are true is way of philosophy. So congratulations on the awakening philosopher within you. But neither thinking nor philosophy will be of true value or give you peace unless you go more deeply into them than is usual.

Below, I offer three short entertaining videos that may be helpful. The first is about thinking, and the second is about awakening. Thinking is essential but, in the deeper sense, it is not thinking by itself that will lead toward clarity and peace. Rather, it is a more mysterious thing often called “awakening.” This concerns the evolution of consciousness, about which also see: The Evolution of Consciousness: Definitions and Examples.

The third video below is on love and self discovery, because awakening is intimately bound up with discovering who we are and the meaning of love in the deepest sense.

Thinking–a movie clips montage


The Awakening, a Movie Clips Montage

Movie Clips Love Montage “Who are You?”

If you find the above videos interesting and would like to explore further, see this
YouTube Playlist




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