Someone asked, “Is consciousness the same as a soul?”

The phrase “have a soul” is misleading and a reversal of the nature of things. The real individual is a soul and it is the soul that, for a period, “has a physical body.”

Yes, we can equate the word “consciousness” and “soul” and, depending on what we mean by the words, that does approach part of the truth. But ordinary consciousness is temporarily under the spell of illusions. Consciousness in the ordinary sense is not soul, rather ordinary consciousness is an extremely stepped down, shadowy, very partial, and often distorted mirror of the soul or higher self.

The soul is a pure multidimensional energy of immortal love, intelligence, wisdom, will, harmony, order, light, meaning, and beauty. It is the aura, the magnetism, the radiance of all these and it is evolving and unfolding according to its infinite potential. If when we say “consciousness” the word has all these connotations and more, then the soul is consciousness.

Image from: Morphing with Light




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