Someone asked, “What is the point of spiritual practices, when everything is already spiritual?”

The key is understanding the most fundamental paradox. There is a relative understanding of things and an absolute understanding of them. The relative understanding is relatively true and the absolute understanding is absolutely true. Everything is already spiritual in the absolute sense but everything is not yet spiritual, or fully spiritual, in the relative sense. Everything is spiritual in essence, spiritual in potential—or rather everything displays some degree of spirit according to its point of evolution in time and space. It’s all a matter of distance from divinity. In the absolute sense, the timeless sense, there is no distance. But in the practical relative sense, in time and space, there definitely is.

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8 thoughts on “Someone asked, “What is the point of spiritual practices, when everything is already spiritual?””

  1. How ‘bout we make it “mass” and “energy”, instead, though the energy has some sentient sense about itself,…its selves, and then more wholistically itself.
    Steven Hawking postulated over a decade ago that the only thing likely able to escape the event horizon of a black hole is information, data, energy . . . not merely randomized.
    How are we faring with getting around e=mc2 regarding mass — ourselves in corporeal form, actually, being the far objective — and acceleration to anywhere nearing the speed of light ?
    …and yet “information” is able to influence things “non-locally”, as in “spooky action at a distance”, . . . the observation of an occurrence altering said occurrence, Schroedinger’s cat, light being both particle AND wave, etc

    So “mass”, such as we are — and shrinking in both relative significance and relative knowledge/understanding…the more we discover/learn [once we were the center of “everything”, now we’re not even the center of anything but our own self-reflection, . . . an’ “dark matter” making up the vast majority of mass in this universe…that’s likely but a node — like a grape in a bunch — of a multiverse.

    So, really,…at what point is the “rational” choice . . . going to be the relaxing of the insistence that MASS is the ONLY thing that MATTERS, here ?
    …in a way, sure, and absolutely.

    …but it seems more like chasing the thunder away from the lightning…than capturing the lightning in a bottle.

    …smile on, we shall, though, as each we passed through the stellar gateway to get here to our mother’s womb,…and through the stellar gateway each we shall pass again on exiting
    …some will do it with blindfolds tight, and that’s quite alright
    …but ONE thing that will NOT be making that trip is MASS

    …does THAT matter ??!?
    (To some of us it does)

    …thank you for your charming little erudite question
    …may you enjoy your daze
    …ahem, . . . days, excuse me

    1. …of course, i jest in the self-mocking over-surety . . . as a reflection of . . . that which we cats like Mystic Muse do so often encounter:
      …PLEASE, do fancy me with your condescension and impressive display of legacy lexicon as ye feign sincere, looking forward only in the rear-view mirror
      …so sure that ‘tis we that are standing backwards
      …i KNOW, you likely are genuinely asking a question that seeks to sate a thirst of nearly knowing
      …you’d not dare to “get it” well enough to know that . . . you know better than all this wretched kumbaya, love your mother [earth] nonsense, . . . and be positing your sincere query with a smile . . . and clever lexicon echoes of the FAR too simply stated question

      …touche, my friend
      …my — wink, sparkle-bing — performance . . . is a bountifully founting, effervescingly exuberant

  2. …for point of clarity: the airs of self-assured puffery were put on and worn with a SMILE and LOVE for ALL the Players, . . . even those who like to dress our echoes in legacy lexicon . . . when condescendingly asking an over-simple question . . . that IF answered directly . . . is set up to be some silly little rhetorical trap

    …so let’s toast every single one of us blind, stubborn, arrogant bastards . . . one last time
    …before we toss ourselves wholly into the fire . . . to see what gets rebirthed by bursting through the falling cooling and scattering ash like the phoenix . . . and we find a way to stop justifying displays of frail and petty arrogances, egoic festoonery and rites . . . for the sake of catching back up to our day’s lagged and slaggard evolutionary markers, species continuity and a nascent chance at a viable biosphere, interplanetary exploration and settlement, and even some groovy “new-power locomotion” tests out beyond the passing wake of the inner heliosphere, some day not too dusty an’ distant from “here and now”, . . . if for nothing else

    …it’s been FUN playin’ along, Brother

    …what is “spirit” ?
    …good one
    …you are, at least in part (and i’ll keep quiet that y’already know this well, if you’d prefer word not get out)

    …enjoy your day
    …here’s to Mystic Muse

  3. “Coyote Two-Trips”, excuse me: i seem to have an occasional uncanny knack for finding banana peels in darkened rooms next to stairways.

    …another point of spiritual practice may be to both practice social conformity even as we are deprogramming ourselves of/from it: the river is meant to be jumped into . . . to wiggle about and swim a little bit, . . . but far too many of us have grown content merely walking by the river, talking about the river, casting stones upon the river-glass and skipping ‘em a few to several times, . . . even portraiture and historical retrospectives and exalted parades with dignitaries in fine garb upon the dais
    …i’ve quite likely swum too much and far too soon after i’ve et
    …look, my finger-skin is pruney

    …apologies for taking it twice — now thrice — too far
    …i was energized and my matter was having a hard time keeping up . . . with the FUN of the ecstatic PLAY

    …love to all
    …please feel free to share what thoughts you may have regarding . . . whatever your being bids expressing
    (But first, i’d simply ask you to read again and then share with a friend . . . Mystic Muse’s delightfully apt and succinctly stated FIRST inspiration)

    1. You have a wild but interesting, unconventional, and free-wheeling writing style that makes me think of Alice Bailey’s defintion of the Ray 4 personality.

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