Someone asked, “Can someone who has had a spiritual awakening still have friends?”

Of course, and the circle of friends will be expanded. Also, some friends may fall away and new, better and deeper relationships will take their place. Awakening is another way of speaking about the quality of our consciousness, our vibration, our note, and it is that which attracts and repels the people, the groups, the service opportunities and circumstances of our life. We attract those who are like us and who will work with us. We also attract those who need us and those to whom we owe a dept (karma).

“…think what it would mean if you could love everybody–not because all persons in the world are so attractive and lovable that they awaken your love, but because an ever-present consciousness of Love exists within yourselves and, like the sun, rays out in all directions on the and unjust’ alike. “ (Anon)

“The beautiful attracts the beautiful.” (Leigh Hunt)

“Superficial friendliness and participation is sustained by mutual unconsciousness. At the next step, friends become instrumental as testers of moral courage. Then, with sufficient wisdom, one can distinguish true friends from those just passing by, and thus avoid casting precious energy into an abyss. Finally, friends become cooperative in the production of radiance. These new friends manifest an electric network where cooperation and mutual support accords with a divine synchronicity.” Morphing with Light



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