Someone asks, “Is the formless mind, Brahman and soul the same?”


They are related but are not the same. It is formlessness that they have in common since all these terms point to things beyond the form. But Brahman in the highest use is divinity, the ultimate and all inclusive. Soul, in the sense of human soul, is ultimately bound up with that but—in time and space—has a much more limited meaning. This is another way of saying that the human soul has an individuality in time and space, a certain distance—really a vast distance—from Deity. At the same time, in a deep mystical sense, Deity and soul are a unity and all life is a unity. Still, “man” in time and space is way down on the cosmic scale of things which is why, when most look to the heavens, they do not see themselves.

Source: Is the formless mind, brahman and soul the same? – Quora


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