Someone asks, “What is the mind of God in this universe?”

Does it not seem that we do not know what God is, or what the universe is, or even what mind is? How then shall we dare to dream the true nature of these into our benighted brain. Ah well, what can we do but try the impossible.

“Behind the orient darkness of thine eyes,
The eyes of God interrogate my soul.” The Book of Love, By Elsa Barker

I imagine more love than mind, else a mind so fine as to be in unbounded radiance with love. Oh, but I have projected my dreams on God. Well, and truly why not, as in that, the universe arranged it so. I do dream, in the dark night of time, but also in the timeless. Between God and I are depths of uncharted space, and suns and universes born and unborn, or between us is nothing at all and I see mostly clearly.

God in the universe is gravity, is light, is the face of a child, is dark and mystery. Oh the fine beautiful spin of mind is beyond calculation, but I think my mind and yours sings the faint distant note of the cosmic thought. So life of the universe is in your eyes and through the form of things. The electric brain is fraught to find the meaning until the day dawns when dream is made real, when the light of brain is equal to the light of suns. I await the day, but not only, for I also live in that day, in the timeless space between small thoughts and mysteries veiled in shining of stars.



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