Someone asked, “What does the human soul look like?”

When we look or see in the ordinary sense, we see things, objects—it is a physical seeing of physical things. But the soul is not a physical thing and yet it is more profoundly real than any physical thing. To know what the soul “looks like” requires spiritual seeing. The soul is knowable because it is what we are, it is our identity. “Seeing” in this sense is Self-Realization, enlightenment. The soul is the essence of life, our life, and all life and “seeing” soul and seeing as a soul means knowledge in the most profound sense of the word.

There is one primary physical thing that associates with the soul, and that is light which is the basis of all seeing. The light of the soul is not simply light thrown on physical objects but rather is is light itself. The soul is spiritual light of which physical light is the symbol and correspondence.

There are two secondary things that relate: sound or music and geometry. Light, together with these two, are the means of rightly conceiving of the soul as they too are correspondences of soul.

The soul then appears as light and expresses as sound/music and geometry. The soul is consciousness itself.

Physical seeing occurs when light strikes the eye. Spiritual seeing occurs when the light of the soul illuminates the consciousness.



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