Some asked:  “Is the concept of intelligent design an acceptable bridge between science and religion?”

There is a free PDF here that explores this question in depth: Blavatsky Helena – Evolution and intelligent design in the secret doctrine

For conservatives and more materialistically oriented scientist, intelligent design and science do not go together and you can find all manner of arguments dismissing the idea of relating them.

But for some in science the subject is viewed differently, see: Articles About the Science of Intelligent Design and these eminent scientists and scholars also see merit in intelligent design theory: Scientists who support intelligent design | Evolution News and this list is easily expanded an example being: Peer-Reviewed Articles Supporting Intelligent Design. And see Intelligent design theories gaining steam in scientific circles

Significant history in connection with the emergence and evolution of the intelligent design idea is to be found in connection with H. P. Blavatsky and the Theosophical society.

“Helena Blavatsky, in 1888, was the first person to use the phrase ”Intelligent design” to convey her understanding of evolution. She used the phrase to convey the idea that the evolution of the species was guided by an underlying purposeful intelligence in nature. This intelligence is different from the “God” of theistic religions. Orthodox science opposes the whole notion of any intelligence design and insists on chance without any guiding direction. This makes her view a distinct alternative to both religion and science.” Darwinism –

“It is seldom remembered that, in the years following publication of “The Origin of Species”, HPB was the first person to aggressively argue the case for a transphysical element in evolution against the rising Darwinian consensus. Yet, buried in the sprawling bulk of her two major works (Isis Unveiled, 1877, and The Secret Doctrine, 1888) there lies, in rudimentary form, the first philosophy of psychic and spiritual evolution to appear in the modern West. Her effort, unlike that of the Christian fundamentalists, was not to reject Darwin’s work, but to insist that it had, by its focus on the purely physical, wholly omitted the mental, creative, and visionary life of the human race, in short, it omitted consciousness, whose development followed a very different evolutionary path. Darwin simply did not go far enough; his was not a big enough theory to contain human nature in the round.” Praise For Blavatsky –

Source:   Quora


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