Someone asked:  “Does ‘New Age’ mean ‘magical’? 

It is “magical” in the poetic and romantic sense of the word. It is not magical in the anti-scientific sense of it because the evolution of modern science itself is part of the “New Age.” The new age enhances the evolution of the mind and soul and is contrary to the superstitious sense of the word “magic.”

The new age is about the light of brotherhood and that is a soul magic whose time has come and without which humanity can not survive. For the light-based meaning of magic, the conventional image is symbolically instructive. The customary image has the magician perform two major feats: disappearance and levitation. Truly, the magic of the soul defies earthly gravity and uplifts life, and this same force illuminates to such a degree that the personality ceases to exist in its former mode—a true disappearance.

Source: Quora


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