Someone asked, “If you believe in an afterlife, is there work to be done in it?”

I think people imagine that the afterlife is totally unlike physical life, and while there is a sense in which that is true, at the same time it is not at all true because the afterlife contains the higher correspondences of everything that exists in the physical world.

In the afterlife, as in the physical, there is relationships with many others and there is communication. There is striving for deeper knowledge, and there is teaching and learning of many grades. There is adventure and challenges and unending layers of mystery that call to us. So yes, there is work. Of course it is not physical work, but the work of the mind and heart.

And in that world everything is suffused with a consciousness of unity and an increasing depth of understanding of the meaning of it. Each persons individuality lives within the larger communal consciousness that is the human family as well as lives above and beyond the human. The humanity incarnate on Earth. as well as those in the afterlife, all remain a part of us, a part of our identification and responsibility. So the work of the afterlife, spiritual speaking, is the same as it is for incarnate life, namely to uplift, support, and encourage the evolution of all, both in and out of physical bodies. This is the work of the heart, the work of the soul, the work of love.

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2 thoughts on “Someone asked, “If you believe in an afterlife, is there work to be done in it?””

  1. Enjoying your articles from the standpoint of broadening perception.Since God is said to be love, in scripture, it would seem that He designed us to be appreciative of the face of such action and follow His example. Unfortunately man is both evil and self-seeking, so it is difficult to convince him that he is short-changing himself because it requires dedication and perseverance. In other words ‘work’ not just desire.

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    1. Thanks Marie for your comment, I always greatly appreciate hearing from you. And yes, it’s not at all easy to turn darkness to light where human consciousness is concerned.

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