Someone asked, “Why don’t we believe that the Earth is heaven?”

Most people have a kind of cleavage in their minds/emotions, a strict dualism that thinks of heaven as a separate thing—a vague spiritual something “up there” somewhere. whereas Earth is an entirely separate physical thing “down here.”

There is a new way of thinking, with which I’m in accord, that sees heaven and Earth, the spiritual and the material, as parts of a single continuum that is spirit-matter. It’s all energy, consciousness, life, and form, with a fluid and evolving interplay between them.

Earth could certainly use more “heavenly,” and the cliche “heaven on Earth” is in the air. And it is the newer way of thinking that is able to conceive and become conscious of this and know it as a reality toward which evolution is moving. This does not mean that heaven is only on Earth, but that the relation between heaven and Earth is far more intimate than is normally thought possible.

Source: Quora


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