Someone asked:  “What do you mean by higher Consciousness and Supreme Consciousness?”

Some synonyms of “higher consciousness” include:

  • Spiritual consciousness
  • Spiritual illumination
  • Soul consciousness
  • Self-realization
  • Enlightenment
  • Realization of unity
  • God consciousness
  • Transcendental consciousness

Higher consciousness is love-consciousness and includes the realization of brotherhood and apprehension of knowledge and wisdom including the consciousness of immortality and direct experience of the meaning of life. It results in inspiration that moves the individual toward a life of service to humanity that can take various forms including artistic, humanitarian, scientific, political, economic, religious, etc.

Higher consciousness is an experience that transcends all conventional concepts of mind, emotion, and body. It is not mental, emotional, or physical, but affects all of these in various ways and degrees. It is always essentially nonverbal and without form in the physical sense (i.e. it is not a voice, image, person, or material thing). And while it may later be given verbal or other symbolic form (as in the list above) the verbal formulas are not the consciousness itself, so the true nature and meaning of higher consciousness can only be understood by direct personal experience.

In addition, higher consciousness is not a single thing that is known or not known. Rather it consists of many levels and dimensions that are gradually revealed to the individual, and to humanity, over vast periods of time and evolution.

Source: Quora


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