Someone asked, “What differentiates good from evil?  Is it religion?”

Good is all that is based on the motivation of love—it’s focus is unity, and it looks toward the needs of the large whole, that is, the welfare of humanity and of life in general. The good wields power and wealth, not for its own sake or egos sake, but on behalf of the welfare of the larger whole. Its interest are the highest good for the greatest number.

Evil is based on hunger for power and wealth and is motivated by personal desire, hate, and fear. It is governed by separative desires with the goal of its own interests or the interests of some separative group with which its ego is identified. Evil seeks power and wealth for itself alone, or for the smaller family group, cult, nation, or other narrow focus with which its ego is identified.

Good is not an abstraction but a reality inherent in the consciousness of the soul, that is, in the higher self that is rooted in spirit. Good is essentially spiritual.

Evil is arises in the material side of life and is inherent in the egotism of the personality when it is cut off from the soul. It is the nature of the lower self whose primary nature, when deprived of soul contact, is loveliness, or extreme selfishness.

Good is defined by the presence of divinity that insures the spiritual evolution of mankind and of all things. Good, for the individual, is whatever helps the evolution of soul, which is to say the full expression of consciousness or love. Good is therefore ultimately defined by the direction of the will of divinity as it expresses in humanity, the world, and all of cosmos.

Source:  Quora


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