Someone asked:  “Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?”

It relates mainly to limited experience, that is life is experienced through the physical senses alone and through the intellect, and especially if at the same time nothing spiritual paranormal has occurred in their life. When the life is experienced this way, then God is invisible, and the intellect distrusts (to some extent rightly so) the feelings on which many people rely for their sense of or belief in God. Their intuition is silent, and the intellect and sense experiences of the outer life offer them no reason to believe that God exists, and this is more especially the case where the life has been difficult, cruelties are experienced or observed. Add to this the chaos and cult like nature of conflicting diverse religions, the many egocentric and unbalanced types often found in them, and such a person has added reasons for skepticism—and this is especially true if they were raised in one of the many half-baked religions that are found in modern society. And on top of all this, they may experience and be swayed by the philosophy of scientific materialism that dominates a lot of the systems of college education.

God only becomes apparent to the individual only when one or the following things happen:

  • Awakening of the intuition—a faculty above the mind
  • Paranormal experiences such as Near Death Experiences or other dramatic psychic experiences
  • A miraculous event or series of near miraculous events
  • Dramatic spiritual or mystical experiences.

– Quora


2 thoughts on “Someone asked:  “Why is it so hard for people to believe that God really exists?””

  1. Okay, I’ve had many intuitions that have proven to be accurate. My mom had a near death experience when her gall bladder burst, and was sent back by a heavenly. One of my daughters had a drunk hit the truck she was in broadside and the truck flipped, one daughter thanked her for hanging on to her feet so she was not thrown out of the back window which was shattered, the other daughter was about four and was thrown out of the truck onto the middle of the pavement of one of the main roads out of Houston. She picked her little self up walked back to the truck where both her mom and the driver were hanging upside down and asked in a wee voice, “mama, can I get back in?” I have always felt that was a miraculous event as no one was even hurt.The children were out of their straps for naps. I ask what that says about my experiences as I am having hallucinations where I hear music that no one else hears, hear whole conversations from people from somewhere, but not in range or on radio which I don’t even turn on. Recently I ‘saw’ a ghost like figure when I was waked in the middle of the night…actually between 3:30 and 4:00 a.m. I think I’m going crazy. My daughter says I am hallucinating which I have done before, after an accident, and was in the hospital. I don’t like what is happening.

    1. Hi Marie, thanks for sharing some of your history and experiences.

      About what your daughter calls “hallucinations,” it’s always good to rule out health-related causes of things seen, but if you know of no health related reason for them, then they are probably not be hallucinations at all but simply psychic experiences which are really very common and occur naturally with many people, and are nothing to worry about. Some people are just sensitive to these things and see and hear what others do not.

      The ultimate test of the validity of such experiences is when they correspond to in some way to physical events, e.g. you see a face of someone you have never known, and then later meet that person and recognize them. But often there is no verification, and just because something is not physically objectively verified, or perceptible to others around you, does not mean that its not real.

      Hearing music and seeing a ghost is really very common. I myself have heard music and seen ghosts, as has my wife and numerous “normal” friends I’ve spoken with over the last 50 years. In one case, the ghost was objectively verified sense my wife saw the same ghost-individual at the same moment and described the correct location and appearance of him, which was a young college friend who had just recently died. And frankly, all you describe sounds very familiar to me and to numerous people I’ve know over the years, and is correspond with numerous reports in parapsychological literature.

      About the “music” see this link:

      More related to “ghosts,” and psychic perception and related topics here:

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