Someone asked:  “What happens to the human soul after death?”

To understand what happens, first we need a definition: Soul is true consciousness and extends itself as mind and emotion, tethered to a physical body. People commonly think of “I” as body, mind, or emotion, which means that they they are under the natural illusion that they are their extensions. But the real “I” is soul consciousness, and the seeming “I” of body, emotion, and mind, is borrowed from that deeper identity.

So, to get at the answer to your question, ask “What happens to the soul during Earth life.” For most persons, though not for all, the soul remains more or less in the background and the external personality consciousness has little or no awareness of the source of its identity in soul. But though the personality remains largely ignorant of most of its higher nature, the soul consciousness (you) on its on plane is fully aware of the personality and its experiences in the world.

What we, as soul, are doing during Earth life is learning—we gain knowledge and experience, and grow in love and wisdom. We are slowly evolving and perfecting all three of our vehicles (body, mind emotion).

So then, your question, “What happens to the human soul after death?” The answer is simple. What happens is the same thing that happens during Earth life: we learn, we evolve, and we become more perfect expressions of love because love is the primary nature of the soul. This means that the soul, after the death of the physical body, no longer remains completely in the background and the illusion of “I” as limited body-emotion-mind is gradually broken. There is then a fuller awakening to who and what we are. And just as in Earth life, afterlife includes interactions with other people—other souls, minds, loves. The adventure that is life at its best in the physical world—that same adventure occupies us after death. Your life, the life of the soul, is expressed in an unfolding future that is unlimited, and the nature of that life transcends the most idealistic human conceptions.

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9 thoughts on “Someone asked:  “What happens to the human soul after death?””

  1. Mmh…
    A Zen master was asked the same question.
    His answer was ” I don´t know, I haven’t died yet.”

    So…How can we know for real. when our senses are bound and conditioned by this time-
    and body-perception?…

      1. There is some truth to what you express about dieing, and most especially if what we think we know has little or no correspondence with reality. On the other hand, it also sometimes turns out that our thoughts are justified, and the dim intuition we had turns out to be real knowledge that was half way in shadow and half way in light.

        Beyond that, of course, there are those totally trans-phenomenal things that can not be in any way be adequately expressed on an intellectual and verbal levels.

      2. Again, you articulate my own standpoint…That´s exactly it:
        “The dim intuition we had turns out to be real knowledge that was half way in shadow and half way in light.”

    1. Julien… Thanks for your thought. Yes, the ” I don´t know, I haven’t died yet,” is a reasonable statement from the standpoint of the time-bound personality, limited as it typically is to external sense experience. But then, of course, an individual is not simply time-bound, but is also–at the deepest or highest level–an unlimited and transcendent consciousness. That higher conscious, to the degree that it is merged with the external personality, has direct access to profound knowledge of things psychic and spiritual. And it is the building of that bridge between the spiritual and the material that makes enlightenment possible. In that sense, at a deep level, we all know because we have died and been reborn man times.

  2. I read your answer to the question about the human soul after death on Quora, and you have articulated my views precisely and succinctly – beautifully written. So I had to read your Bio-Story, and that touched me, too. We have obviously crossed paths numerous times, certainly in the ’60’s and ’70’s, and later too, no doubt, although we never noticed each other on the way. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated what you have written.

    1. Brother Steve,
      Thanks for the comment, its always heart warming to receive such a note. When you say we crossed paths in the 60s and 70s were you speaking esoterically, physically, or both. 🙂

      ” …And my wife and daughters are what keep me grounded in this life.”
      My wife Cheryl helped me along that line as well.

      I see we are Facebook friends, though I’ve not spent much time there recently.

      1. “Crossing paths” both physically and no doubt esoterically – I have spent most of my life in Asia, in many of the same places you were passing through – paths can be intertwined without ever actually touching, although, who knows, maybe we touched as well – in the immensity that is reality, this is a very small world indeed

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