Someone asked: “Do you believe that your consciousness makes you who you are?”

In a way it does, since consciousness is central to who we are. But there is a problem with leaning too much on a definitional phrase like “consciousness is who I am,” because “consciousness” and “I” are words that point to experiences and experiences are not fixed but very dynamic things. At any given moment in time, we are always vastly more than what we seem to be. Not only that, and though we often try, the whole scope of who we are—past, present, and future—can not actually be captured in words.One day, in a meditative mood, I tried to say something about the “who you are” question in a piece titled “Fire Self.”“I went in search of the sword of light.I went alone into the desertWhere the sky flamed red from the hidden Sun.With closed eyes I waited in silence,Until the sky lightened into pure yellow-gold.Before me rose a vision of a rainbow hued fountainThat sparkled with diamond-like brilliance.I asked, and a voice within me said,‘This is yourself,Source of pure power,fire-spring of eternal being.’”

Source: (1) James Davis’s answer to Do you believe that your consciousness makes you who you are? – Quora


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