Someone asks:  “How do I connect with the higher being? Will that help me be at peace?”

I suggest you look carefully and deeply behind the words of your question.“Ho do I…” Pause there. What is I? In a real sense, “I” is higher being. I, or what you would mean by that if you could use that single letter rightly, is higher being. So “connect” means to realize who you are in this higher sense.“Will that help bring me peace?” Its true that peace, or serenity, is part of higher being. But the desire to get peace, to escape the pains of ordinary life—that’s not the motive you’re looking for. Its too “me” oriented, too negative. You want the positive aspect: you want love, and are love, and that is the key to higher being.Yes, there are higher beings beyond ourselves, and at the same time, we ourselves are the higher being beyond. You want to be with higher beings? What is it that these beings do? How to they live? Do more of what they do. Be more of what they are. Higher beings live by and through love, therefore they are actively working in one way or another for the welfare of humanity.“How can I connect?” By love and by service. By a life lived with intelligence and wisdom. By a life that takes you beyond the concerns of your little ego.

Source: (1) James Davis’s answer to How do I connect with the higher being? Will that help me be at peace? – Quora


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