Some one asks:  How much should I meditate on a daily basis to see the result?  I can only meditate for 2 minutes,then i get bored or tired. What should my goal be?

Probably 15 minutes is a good goal, but if its boring you’re not meditating, don’t have the right motive, and/or are not using the right type of meditation in the right way for the goal. If you are bored then perhaps your real question should be, “What is meditation and how do I do it.”Many things go under the name “meditation.” People use the word in ways that can mean any or all of this list where it can bebeing mindful of all in and around yougaining insight and detachment by reviewing your day from above as would an outsiderthe useful discipline of focusing the mind a chosen theme so that all thoughts relate back to that theme and to no other (concentration)focusing in the spiritual heart and radiating love or:a service in which you make your self a channel for various energies that the world needs such as harmony, will to good, clarity of mind, divine order, right aspiration, serenity, etc.a transcendent experience of union with higher consciousness or soul that is characterized by joy, perception of beauty, consciousness of infinity, reality, and the meaning of all lifeintuitive reception/perception of the great rain cloud of knowable and doable things that will benefit the worldan attitude of mind and heart in which meditation is blended with your every day consciousness so that you approach the goal of “meditating without ceasing”

Source: James Davis’s answer to How much should I meditate on a daily basis to see the result? – Quora


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