Is a dead person’s spirit always around?

Some of the best sources indicate there is often a strong connection initially with former life, more especially if there is a motivation of unfinished business. But that after a period of time, most at the personality level of emotions/mind, are mainly preoccupied with their new life and withdrawal from the past one, with perhaps only occasional glances back over the shoulder to those left behind. But much harking back to previous life is not usually helpful for evolution and the natural division of levels, to a considerable degree, inhibits consciousness of it. A single strong visitation to loved ones in incarnation followed by moving on, seems to be common.

However, after a longer period of time discarnate persons withdraw more meditatively into the soul level which is the higher consciousness—the source form which mind and emotions of the former life, and of all previous lives was created or extended when incarnating. At that level there is a profound love and unity, especially with those loved during earth lives or between them. Consequently, loved ones still in incarnation may experience—in the brain consciousness—a spiritual connection to those who have apparently (but never actually) left them. This persists, and while most are unconscious of it, can not be broken.

“For a consciously developed spirit the period of sojourn on the astral plane could be limited to the interval of forty days, but various earthly conditions have prolonged this time to an interminable period. The misery and grief of those who are carried away from Earth binds them thereto.

The best instance of this is found in the Biblical legend about Lot. For a new life they walked out of the city, and only one condition was imposed upon them—not to look back. But the wife of Lot looked back, and bound herself to Earth.

Religion says: He who goes to his fathers will dwell with them; he who goes to the angels will dwell with them; and he who goes to God will dwell with Him. It means that he who has ordained for himself the utmost progress arrives at the best attainment. Therefore, the best bidding to the one who departs from Earth will be—””Hurry, without looking back.”

What about the dear ones? But the higher you ascend, the better and closer you will see them. Of course, the cause of the delay is usually in the last remaining near ones. Therefore, the abbreviation of the sojourn on the astral plane depends upon a proper cooperation.”

Leaves of M’s Garden, II


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