God: “He,” “She,” and the Cosmic Polarity

Thoughts about the human or anthropomorphic conceptions of God–an expressive essay.


2 thoughts on “God: “He,” “She,” and the Cosmic Polarity”

  1. If we go back to the existence of God; we would say that God is one, the eternal, neither begets nor is born, Nor is there to Him any equivalent, God is not like anything.
    Therefore, God cannot be a he or she.
    As you have mentioned, the domination masculinity, or patriachy has made God as a He just as a symbol of meaning or of power.

    1. Hi Swing,

      Yes, I understand and agree with you thought about “God” at the level you’re referencing it in your comment, i.e. “God” in the absolute unameable “not like anything” where “thing” is the keyword. The God principle/s I tried to address in the video is God in a more manifest sense. Two related posts:



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