Unity and the Path of Life

path of love

Our desire or aspiration toward unity is fundamental, loneliness being the sense that we are as yet far short of that goal. I think in terms of different levels, dimensions, or degrees of unity. We naturally seek a unity in outward things and persons because these mirror the more fundamental spiritual longing for unity, and in a sense these outward things and persons are steps toward the more transcendent, subtle, and fundamental “belonging” that is their archetype.

If we are aware and focused only on the external forms of unity, then we are caught up in the constant flux of that, so our gains and losses leave us always unstable and never fully satisfied. But if we also have more of the deeper sense of unity and belonging–that which arises from the spiritual side of our nature, then it gives a stability and peace that can’t be found in the external forms alone. And the more we feel ourselves grounded in that deeper sense, the more we can live wisely and live joyously live the external life.



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