Some have advocated total, or near total, formlessness.  The irony is that the thought of no-system can itself become a crystallized system.  Besides, it’s tiresome when someone constantly and systematically points to a blank page for everything. 


7 thoughts on “No-System”

    1. And to say that about the Tao is to speak of the Tao in words. 🙂 And naturally, the words are not the real itself. There is another phrase you may have heard: “The One about whom naught be said.” And yet that phrase also contradicts itself since it says something about the One.

      1. Hi Marie, I suppose “total silence” would be a solution if that phrase is pointing to the right state of consciousness. But in the misapplied advaita (non-dualistic) philosophy “total silence” might be a phrase that, in the philosopher’s mind, pointed to a relatively lifeless abstract concept.

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