Heart and Head


In its unifying systems, the body is a mirror of evolutionary cosmic principles. The heart, through the blood, is pervasive and the brain also unifies through a pervasive system of nerves. The heart center unifies, but the brain is also the apex of the nervous system, a unitary matrix through which our consciousness functions on the physical level. And like the heart, it is an apt symbol of the underlying matrix of everything.

The heart and breath are mysterious, but the brain even more so. People relate to the “heart” as the central essence or soul of a thing, and to breathe means literally to “inspire.” But spiritual terms correspondent with the brain have not yet found a widely understood anchor in our consciousness. Eastern thought identifies a “thousand pelted lotus” in the head, but the phrase is more esoteric and the corresponding energy harder to fathom. The apex of unity in the head is more difficult to comprehend. This may reflect the fact that most of us function more fully and easily as emotional entitles than we do as mental ones. So it’s easier for us to begin to grasp the spiritual correspondence to “heart,” and more of a stretch to take in the spiritual correspondence to “head.” Awakening of the heart brings spiritual vision, and awakening of the head also brings vision and revelation. The symbolic importance of the head is clear in that it incorporates organs of both sight and hearing.

Life takes on new meaning and dimension by the virtues of both heart and head. Our rational mind looks down or out into the world of sights and sounds. But the mind can also look up or in, so vibrating to the colors and music of the underlying matrix of things. The rational mind interfaces with the world, but the “minds eye,” facing toward spirit, mirrors transcendent reality. Our outward looking mind is useful, but what we can see with the minds eye is essential and commanding. We may picture the upward looking mind as a lens through which passes higher light and music. So this would be revelation not only of the landscape of unity, but of worlds of light and sound.

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